To provide students with a variety of sporting opportunities at an appropriate level for all member schools in a safe and competitive environment.


• To make sporting competition (via the Games) accessible to children from Year 5 upwards
• To ensure equal opportunity and participation to both boys and girls
• To ensure the Games provide a learning experience in sportsmanship and in the value of healthy competition
• To understand the value and the benefits of training in preparation for competition
• To enable students to specialise in sports appropriate to their age groups


All rules are available in the FOBISIA Friendly Games Handbooks which can be found on the FOBISIA Website. 

  • Please see here for the FOBISIA Sports Handbook 
  • Please see here for the FOBISIA Primary Friendly Games Handbook 
  • Please see here for the FOBISIA Secondary Friendly Games Handbook (Covers both U13 and U15)



These will be made available to schools prior to the games.


These will be made available for all schools after the event.


The success of the Games requires a considerable number of trained and experienced officials. Local officials and onsite staff will be provided with training.


Where possible all accommodation and events will be staged at the Pattana Sport Resort, Thailand. Suitable shade and seating will be provided for competitors and spectators at each venue.


- 50m pool with starting blocks and touch pads.
- Football stadium with 7,000 seating capacity, consists of three football practice fields and built to FIFA specifications.
- 400m grass running track with rubberised area for high jump and long/triple jump with stadium seating.
- Three newly built, covered Basketball Courts with grandstand seating.


- Fully Equipped Gym (Energy Lab)
- Fitness Studios for Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Spin Class and Muay Thai
- Muay Thai Boxing Ring
- 27 Hole Championship Golf Course
- Golf Driving Range


There will be a brief opening ceremony prior to the first event of the Games. This will take the form of a parade and brief introduction and welcome.


The Gala Dinner will take place on the evening of the last day of the competition. The dinner will be provided for all members of the official school party. The venue for the gala dinner will be dependent upon the size of the group. Schools will be notified at the games of the gala dinner venue.The format of the evening will include formal presentations of awards and a celebration video reflecting their FOBISIA experience. Speeches and presentations will be kept to a minimum.

The swimming and athletics trophies will be awarded and schools should prepare two student representatives to receive awards.

Any outstanding awards will also be presented. The provision of entertainment will be appropriate to the age of the students, aimed at encouraging interaction.

Parents are not allowed to attend the gala dinner.


Schools are required to submit their flight details and participation numbers in advance of arrival (see Admin Forms and deadlines). "

Schools are responsible for checking passports (6 months validity) and necessary visa applications.
Should schools require letters to support visa applications, please contact the tournament director for support.

A copy of each member of the group's passport should be sent to the Tournament Director before arrival to aid in a smoother check-in process on arrival and so they always keep their passports in their possession.

A member of Pattana Sports Resort staff will meet you at the airport and assist you with getting on the bus to The Resort. (the bus ride should take 75min). All buses will have access to seatbelts.

Luggage will travel in a separate truck for small vans and in the stowage compartment on a 30-40 seater bus.

Upon arrival, you will be given an orientation of the facilities. Your luggage will be sent directly to the hotel accommodation, unloaded and be waiting for collection when you arrive at the hotel reception.

The lead teacher will need to complete registration documents and your keys will be ready.

One key card will be allocated for each room and the lead teacher will receive a key card for all the school’s assigned rooms.
Please note schools will be charged by the hotel for the loss of key cards.


There will be nightly coaches’ meetings to provide information beginning with a welcome meeting on the evening prior to the first event of the games.


All information regarding the games will be communicated to the schools.


It is ‚Äčessential that all participating schools supply information efficiently and meet all deadlines on requests from the organisers. These deadlines, along with projected costs and facilities, will be outlined through communication with trip leaders and can be found on the Games website. 


Click here to download the FOBISIA U15 Games 2022 - COACHES HANDBOOK for further details